Find the Right Tools for Your Landscaping Needs

Choose from Wright products and more in Glenburn or Bangor, ME

The right tools are important to success, and landscaping is no different. If you want a top-notch landscape, you can't keep hacking at it with a dull weed whacker. At Glenburn Landscape and Supply Company, we know the value of high-quality products. We pride ourselves on being an authorized dealer for top-notch equipment like Wright products and Copperhead mower blades.

You won't want to start a landscaping project in Glenburn or Bangor, MEĀ without visiting us first. Stop by our store today to view our in-house selection of top-branded lawn care products.

You'll appreciate our wide selection

You'll love how many options you have when you buy your landscape supplies from us. Our in-house selection includes...

  • Maruyama products
  • Wolverine products
  • Copperhead mower blades
  • Worldlawn mowers
  • Wright mowers
  • AMSOIL products

We also sell weed eaters, weed whackers and shovels from a variety of additional brands. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to spot high-quality products that can tackle any landscaping job. Call 207-573-1201 now to ask our product recommendations based on your project needs.