Struggling to Keep Your Lawn Green?

Hire us for hydroseeding services in the Glenburn, ME area

At Glenburn Landscape and Supply Company, we believe every lawn has the potential to thrive. Where you see patchy or dead grass, we see opportunity. Our team can give your lawn a new lease on life with professional hydroseeding services.

Many people prefer hydroseeding over traditional grass seeding methods because:

  • It allows you to spread seed faster
  • It germinates and sprouts quickly
  • It can help reduce soil erosion
Contact us today to arrange for hydroseeding services in Glenburn, ME or surrounding areas.

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Make your lawn the envy of your neighbors

Dreaming of stepping out of your front door and onto a stunning display of green turf? Glenburn Landscape and Supply Company can help bring your dreams to life. We offer affordable hydroseeding services in the Glenburn, ME area.

Our team can spray your lawn with a nutrient-rich slurry of water, grass seed and fertilizer to give your yard a much-needed boost. Call 207-573-1201 today to speak with a skilled local landscaper.